Raeleen Kao is a drawer, printmaker, and amateur competitive eater residing in Chicago with a Charles Brand etching press, a red tabby, and too many plants.

Her prints and drawings have been exhibited internationally in museums and galleries across the country most notably at Awagami’s Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper Museum in Japan, the International Museum of Surgical Science, the Monmouth Museum of Art, Bert Green Fine Art, the Smith College Museum of Art, Tory Folliard Gallery, Firecat Projects, and Normal Editions Workshop. Her work has been represented at SELECT Fair New York, the Editions and Artist Books Fair in New York, the Cleveland Fine Print Fair, the LA Art Show, and Aqua Art Miami. Her work has been published in four volumes of Art In Print and featured in Printed Editions: Online catalog of the Print World.

Artist Statement

My memories since infancy are dominated by hospital gowns and surgical beds.  I was born with a congenital heart defect and the latter part of my adolescence saw the onset of a series of chronic reproductive issues which have continued into adulthood. Historically, the United States has stigmatized women who are unable to conceive, who give birth to stillborn children, or who suffer through miscarriages.  My work reflects the destruction of the female body and the recurring trauma induced by the loss of a child.