They say it's stupid to get a portrait tattoo when you're young, dumb, and in love, but the love is still strong so what do 'they' know?

Raeleen Kao is a hermetic corpse, aspiring gattara, and amateur competitive eater AKA glutton.

Her prints and drawings have been exhibited in museums and galleries across the country most notably at the International Museum of Surgical Science, the Monmouth Museum of Art, Bert Green Fine Art, the Smith College Museum of Art, and Firecat Projects. Her work has been represented at SELECT Fair New York, the Editions and Artist Books Fair in New York, the Cleveland Fine Print Fair, and the LA Art Show. In 2012, she was awarded a fellowship to attend Vermont Studio Center and in 2013 won the second place cash prize at the 23rd Parkside National Small Print Exhibition. Her work has been published in four volumes of Art In Print and featured in Printed Editions: Online catalog of the Print World.

Raeleen Kao CV